The online tool for financial control over projects

HEX21 is the new online tool that always gives you control over all costs in a project. HEX21 is for everyone who does projects and who manages them and wants to execute them within budget. All costs (hours and expenses) are kept up-to-date and you have an overview at all times at a glance. Including the expected and committed costs

Easy to keep track of, easy to use and always have insight into the correct figures. In real time and forecast, so you always have control over the costs of the project.

HEX21 in 5 steps

Convenient, simple and accessible

HEX21 is made for and by experienced project managers. Ease of use and direct returns are central. Structured, clear and specific. No more hassle in Excel or with your own systems, but a direct overview. HEX21 is used independently of existing administrative systems.

Always and everywhere ‘in control’

At HEX21 you can opt for a single or multi user license. With a single user license you work alone. With a multi-user license you can work on a project with multiple parties (colleagues or customers) simultaneously in HEX21. Together you control the costs and you can easily print reports. That works quickly, conveniently and efficiently. Because HEX21 works online, you always have it directly at hand and everyone uses the latest data.

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HEX21 is a product of Hex-Lab and developed by experienced project managers for project managers.

HEX21 puts an end to surprises in the cost of a project. You can create and edit large and small, complex and less complex projects in the specially developed online tool.

With HEX21 you have real-time insight and always a correct forecast of the projects. No unpleasant surprises during or at the end of the project. And isn’t that exactly what you want?

HEX21 is for everyone who works with projects and wants to have daily insight into the financial progress. Hours or purchase, all costs are included in HEX21. HEX21 is suitable for all industries. From profit to non-profit, from multinational to self-employed. Everyone who works with projects benefits. More efficiency, more control and more insight.

Curious? Request a license immediately (4 weeks free).

The advantages at a glance

  • No more surprises afterwards
  • Work faster and more efficiently
  • Structured, clear and specific
  • Direct return
  • No hassle in Excel sheets or separate A4 pages
  • Can be used in addition to existing systems
  • Simple reports
  • For large and small projects
  • Suitable for any industry
  • Three types of license with a clear price structure
  • Professional support
  • Online


Do you always want to be in control of all costs of a project? Have real-time insight into your project? Never be unpleasantly surprised again? Then take out a license and get started with HEX21 right away. HEX21 works with three license variants and has a simple pricing structure:

Use of the licenses on a fair use basis. Our general terms and conditions apply to all agreements with HEX21. Do you have another question? Ask it here and we will contact you soon. All prices exclusive of VAT.


HEX21 has a helpdesk available for all other questions. Send a message to our helpdesk here.

Instruction manual

A clear manual is available for users of HEX21.


HEX21 users can take advantage of a training-on-the-job. A half-day training that familiarises everyone with the tool. The training costs 500 Euro excluding VAT, is accessible for a maximum of 5 users and available at any location in the Netherlands. Click here to book.



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